Our Expertise

GPS/GIS Based Survey and Mapping of Strategic Location
Master Planning
Health and Education infrastructure Mapping
Total Station, GPS & DGPS Survey
Hydro-Geological Survey (Contour Mapping, Soil Quality Testing)
Water Management & Quality Mapping
Identity Verification of Consumers in electronics and fast moving Consumable products
GIS & RS data Analysis
Forest Survey & Mapping
Biodiversity Mapping

Survey Expert
Urban Planner
WASH Expert
GIS Expert
Solid-waste Expert
Social Expert
GPS and DGPS Surveyor
Civil Engineer(structure)
IT Expert
Mechanical Engineer
Town Planners
Soil Scientist
Data Analysist and MIS Expert
Total Station Survey Expert

GSS Core Team of Experts

Position Name of the Person Qualification Year of Experience
Managing Partner, cum Team Leader GSS Mr Ranjan Kumar Mallic M.Sc in Regional Planner, from AIT, Bangkok, Thailand More than 20 years
Forestry Exper Mr B.K.Swain AIFC (Hons.), FSI, Dehradun More than 35 years experience in Forestry sector
Survey Specialist, GSS Mr Sasanka Sekhar Rath Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics Salzburg University, Austria. GIS Institute, Noida More than 10 years experience in various kind of survey
Documentation Expert, GSS Ranjan Kumar Baral M.Sc, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand and M.A and M.Phil from Geography Departmen More than 20 years experience in urban and solid waste Sector
Urban Planner, GSS Rtd Prof. Prafulla Kumar Kara M.Sc (BHU), Ph.D. Utkal University More than 25 in Urban sector
GIS Expert, GSS Mr Tapan Kumar Malik M.Sc Geo Informatic Sambalpur University More than 10 years experience in GIS and mapping
RS Expert, GSS Dr Rakesh Thakur M.Sc in Geo informatics and Ph.D 12 years experience GIS and RS
Total Station Surveyor, GSS Aloke Das Diploma in Civil Engineer 8 years experience I Total station Survey
10 GPS and DGPS survey Expert Manoj Kumar Dehuri PG DIPLOMA REMOTE SENSING & GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM 10 years experience GPS and DHPS survey
RS Analysist Amaresh Mishra PG Diploma in Geo-Information Science 10 years expertise RS data Analysis
GIS Expert Sangeeta Mohapatra P.G. Remote Sensing & GIS 12 years experience