Completed Projects

Total Station SURVEY in Maldives

Topographical survey was carried out to facilitate preparation of alignment survey and longitudinal section of distribution system, transmission lines and topographical plan of WTP and allied Civil works.

Topographical Survey is carried out by using Total Station, Auto Level land and GPS system. The survey work has been started from a known traverse control point (X, Y and Z) and the day’s work was closed on another known control point so as to ensure no closing errors or if any,are within the permissible limits to have control and check over the day’s work results.

Surveyed data is downloaded and final drawings are generated compatible with the latest land development software

Survey has been started from the Temp. Benchmark established on top of Permanent mark located on Jetti Point and the on the road cross section. The day’s work was closed at the same TBM to have the complete Contour Grid of network and also to have the check for the survey work. The Northing and Easting has been recorded at all the points. See Table-1

Client : STC and Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE) on behalf of Government of Maldives, STC and Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure (MNP), Maldives
Start/End Dates : October 2018 to October 2018, November 2019 to November 2019

Preparation of a Spatial District Land Use Plan in Ganjam, Odisha- LUPM sponsored by GIZ, New Delhi

Baseline documentation, analysis and gap findings with stakeholder dialogues and expert dialogues, Prepare district vision document linking to state vision, Detailing out solutions as alternatives plan options working closely with all stakeholders (Referring to GIZ stakeholder analysis and applying GIZ Norms and policies.), Giving feedback to norms and policies work packages from understanding of the district spatial and land use planning process. Applying modification results of GIZ norms and State policies in district spatial and land use plans for revisions and finalising through participatory process (including underprivileged and women). Develop a replicable and up scalable project , Documentation of the whole process. MIS and GIS development Hinijil Master Plan.

Client : GIZ, New Delhi
Start/End Dates : 31st August 2017 to January 2019

Ongoing Projects

GIS based Urban Infrastructure Mapping

GIS BASED PLANNING & MAPPING OF Urban Health Infrastructure -Sambalpur, Bargarh, Bhawanipatna, Koraput, Jeypore, Sunabeda, Balangir, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Rayagada, Kendujhar, Barbil, Rourkela, Nabarangapur, and Bhadrak

Part-I (GIS based maps)

1. City Map – with municipal boundaries, ward boundaries, location of airport, ULB office, major road and rail network, water bodies, prominent land marks

a. Location of slums (registered, unregistered)
b. Location of health facilities (all government and private health institutions under Clinical Establishment Act and AYUSH institutions)
c. Location of Anganwadi centers
d. UCHC and UPHC operational area marked
e. Location of Big vending market & Food Bazar

2. UCHC area wise maps - with boundary of UCHC operational areas

a. Location of UCHC
b. Operational areas of UPHC in different colour
c. ANM operational area
d. Positioning of ASHA
e. Positioning of MAS
f. UHND sites
g. Immunization sites
h. UMHU sites if any

3. ANM area wise maps – with boundary of ANM operational areas

a. ASHA operational areas
b. Positioning of MAS
c. Location of UHND sites
d. Location of Immunization sites
e. Location UMHU sites if any

Poor People’s Waste Management Outlook in Dhenkanal Municipality, Odisha, India

Unhygienic and environmentally hazardous solid waste management and disposal practices threaten the Constitutional Right to Life of millions of Indians in and around our larger cities. All States and Union Territories are therefore directed to ensure the immediate compliance of all their Class 1 Cities with the Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 1999 [MSW Rules], by implementing forthwith all the Mandatory Recommendations contained in the Report of the Expert Committee constituted by this Court and titled “Solid Waste Management in Class 1 Cities in India, March 1999”.

A Poor People’s Waste Management Outlook study conducted by Geo Spatial Solution Bhubaneswar, with the assistance from Practical Action, to know the change in global dialogue around waste management to increase the focus on people rather than just on waste material itself. The solid Waste Management Outlook study is being conducted in four Municipal/city case studies (in Bangladesh, Kenya, India and one Other). I express my sincere thanks to the dedicated band of survey Team who collected House Hold data, Mapping tools data, Service providers data through SURVEYTO GO-mobile app tool from field during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Geo-tagging of Agri. Storage Infrastructures in Jharkhand State

Geotagging– It is the process of adding geographical identification like latitude and longitude to various media such as a photo or video. Geotagging can help users find a wide variety of location-specific information from a device. It provides users the location of the content of a given picture. Geomapping a visual representation of the geographical location of geotagged assets layered on top of map or satellite imagery.