Solution we Provide

GSS utilizes its expertise, experience & resources to offer solutions in the following major areas

Preparation of Master Plan
Preparation of Geo Data Base
Preparation of District Landuse Planning
Local Area Planning
Automated mapping (CAD conversions)
Facility mapping for Electricity distribution, Telecommunication, Water Supply, Sewage, Oil & Gas etc.
Cadastral / property tax mapping
Agricultural analysis and planning
Planning & analysis for Irrigation & Water Resources
Management of Land Records
Management of Natural Resources like Land Use Land Cover, Soil, Slope, Geology, etc.

We introduce our-selves, as a Geo Spatial Solution is a registered GIS firm with comprehensive professional experience in various Survey, Mapping & Soil Investigation sectors occupying a place of high reputation and honour since 2005.
The firm offers services in various fields.

Railway Route & Corridor surveys – survey for railway yard, final location survey, foot by foot survey etc.
Over the years, Geo Spatial Solution have developed into an organization providing total solutions in survey and mapping to the customers and enjoys the place of pride in regions. We are created with the reputation unmatched in this field, a fact that has been developed through years of hard work, dedication and fair business deals. Geo Spatial Solution have been undertaking business projects for a no. of National organizations. Geo Spatial Solution is the only group in Eastern India with a fully equipped Professional, Sectoral experts, Survey Engineers, Software Engineers, Marketing & Management Consultants.